My new winter bush hat

Up until last weekend, I didn’t really have a proper bush hat for the winter. I usually wear my beanie on winter outings and pull my very thin hood over it (one of those “tuck-in-the-collar hoods” made of a single layer of synthetic fabric). This was not really warm enough or versatile enough, plus I didn’t like wearing my “out and about in town hat” in the bush. I had to find a better solution.

And here it is:

I picked up this fake-fur hat for less than 10 Euros (13 Dollars) at a discount store on Saturday. I have no idea where it was made, but it is warm and comfy. The quality of the materials and workmanship are surprisingly good for a hat this cheap. Of course real fur would be more useful and nicer than fake fur, but what are you going to do.

One thing I really like about it is its versatility in use. The ear and neck flaps can be left up if I just want to keep my head warm. If I want to give my ears and neck a bit more protection, I can drop the flaps:

If there’s a lot of snow, wind and cold, I can secure the flaps under my chin:

The little mini-flaps seen above cover small grommeted holes. These flaps can be fastened up so you can hear better through the main flaps.

If I want to cover my head and ears, but not my cheeks and jaw, I can secure the flaps this way:

But wait! There’s more! The front fur flap can also be folded down after being unsnapped. This front flap can be pulled down over my eyes and the top of my nose, and when the ear/neck flaps are down as well, only the bottom part of my nose, mouth and the front part of my chin are exposed, so I can probably sleep in the hat as well. We shall see. (I’d likely want to wear my balaclava as well. It will all require experimentation.)

If the temperature ever manages to get cold enough this winter, maybe I’ll actually get a chance to USE it for real. 😉


24 comments on “My new winter bush hat

  1. Ron says:

    Looks good and for that kind of money you can’t go wrong.
    What I would like to know is how it will hold out when worn constantly for longer periods/hours/days.
    Keep us posted!

  2. OZme says:

    “If the temperature ever manages to get cold enough ” >>
    I also got similar hat recently and itching to try it out in woods, but… it is too hot to use this type of hat at this moment !!

  3. I love this type of head cover, I’ve got a couple of them myself. Super warm and super versatile. Can’t beat them for deep winter woods bummin!

  4. Perkunas says:

    Karvalakki is the only good winter hat, i say . Good investment, man. I have few that are maybe Just the same as yours, but in camouflage instead of black. I use it in and out the town, if i use any winter hats. With a Buff or similar tube scarf, a pair of ski goggles and hat like that youre well covered when going gets a bit tougher. Also, its the best for driving atv`s and snowmobiles too,as it blocks the wind chill far better than any wool hats.

    Bu, dont you worry about yours being not out of Real Fur. If you have any sence of ethics and animal rights, its better to use fake fur unless your hat is hunted from woods, not grown in concentration camp like places that are all about animal disrespect and torture.

    No need to use any real fur that you havent hunted yourself, or bought/traded it from hunters, that artificual afur llows you to sleep well, without thinking about the tiny furry creatures kept in capitivity, in small cages and killed with various sadistic ways.

    • The store where I bought the hat also had the camoflage version, but I tend to go for black or other non-camo. Just my preference.

      I have one of those tube scarves you mentioned. Got it free from Varusteleka. I’ll have to try it out with the hat.

      Yeah, I’m perfectly happy with the fake fur. It looks and feels good and is warm as well, so it doesn’t have to be real. Of course I would prefer self-hunted or other wild fur to “fur farm” fur. I don’t agree with keeping animals in little “concentration camp” cages either.

      I just have to hope that no sparks from a fire land on the fur. 😉

  5. Perkunas says:

    Ive used mine, when cutting steel with anglegrinder and i am sure few sparks have landed on the hat but it havent catch fire…yet 🙂

  6. Finnman says:

    Good choice man. I have similar kind and it´s really good when temperature goes below -15´C

    – Finmann

    • Yesterday I sat outside for 10 – 15 minutes smoking a cigar while wearing the hat. It was VERY warm. Of course, the temperature was only 0 or 1*C at the time, so it wasn’t cold, but I wasn’t being active or moving at all. So I think it will be good to wear when the temperature drops below -15*C, like you said. For temperatures above that, I will get one of those hats that’s kind of like an insulated baseball cap with the ear and neck flap.

  7. Finnman says:

    From +0 to -15´C I have been last and this winter so called “jeep cap” which I have found very comfortable and practical in the bush or streets.

    Bought it from Varusteleka:
    I also tried Miltec one, but it was not good at all.

    – Finnman

  8. Perkunas says:

    I use it only as in your third picture. WIth earflaps hangin down and front flap up.

  9. Askemux says:

    I also got the same hat from fishing shop at Ideapark. It was 15€ so not bad price at all.
    Too bad my head has grown and my old karvalakki with real fur, wich i got from my grandfather, doesn’t fit my big head anymore :D. Any ideas how to get that hat bigger or my head smaller?

  10. Ron says:

    Because of this thread I’m eyeing on of those Russian military ushankas. Still in doubt weither to opt for an enlisted man’s version (cheap, but artifical fur) or an officer’s one (more expensive, but with real sheepskin).
    I have always liked the looks of those ushankas and now I have a good reason to get one (a.i. convince the Mss that I do…)

  11. Ron says:

    Prices range from €10 to $35, but than the shipping comes in. That’s usually between €10 and $25, so I rethaught the whole thing and will not get one for now.
    Maybe in the future, when my situation improves. I did get my hands on one of those you got and they were on sale for only €5, but even than I put it back! It felt horrible! Gave me goosebumps from disgust….
    For now I’ll have to go with my M43 cap and an old Dutch army tubular scarf.

  12. Ron says:

    The “fur”, the top, the general feeling in my hands and on my head…..

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