Bushcraft pyrography plank and a new blog

I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to art, but I do appreciate the creativity, thought and skill that goes into creating it. When my friend Alex showed me some of the pyrography, or woodburning, projects he’d been working on, I asked him if he would make me one with an outdoor or bushcraft theme in exchange for some outdoor items he might be interested in. We haven’t made the exchange yet, as Alex is out of town, and I won’t ruin his surprise by showing what I’ll be giving him, but I will show you a picture of the plank he made me:

The phrase at the bottom is Finnish for “less is more”. The axe is a traditional Finnish design, as is the puukko knife. Between them you can see a firesteel/ferro rod. I really like this plank and am looking forward to getting it and displaying it in my office. Thanks Alex!

To see more of Alex’s artwork, as well as posts about bushcraft and crafting in general, check out his brand-new blog 62nd parallel north.

12 comments on “Bushcraft pyrography plank and a new blog

  1. Wade says:

    Very Cool !!

  2. […] Here are some other formats. At the background to the left there’s a picture of my uncle showing his ancient african puukko, to the right there’s one gift for weekendwoodsman. […]

  3. Nice gift!
    And nice blog too. Yet you can not comment on it?

    • Commenting at Alex’s blog is possible, but sometimes the comment button is not highly visible. If you look at his latest post, you’ll see a small gray box at the top right of it with a 1 inside. That’s the box you have to click to comment. Hope that helps!

  4. New Tools | says:

    […] pouches, and sooner than later will be put to good use.All these items were given to me in exchange for some of my pyrography artwork. Kiitos! […]

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