Will the real Weekend Woodsman please stand up?

It appears someone in Canada has purchased the domain name http://www.weekendwoodsman.com, is calling himself “Weekend Woodsman” and has been running a blog of the same name since July of 2014 (almost 3 years after I started my blog “The Weekend Woodsman”). I have never been contacted by him regarding use of the name “Weekend Woodsman,” so perhaps he was simply unaware of my blog and meant no harm. However, since both the content of our blogs and the climate we live in are similar, I would appreciate it if he would change the name of his blog (for example “Weekend Woodsman in Canada,” “Weekend Woodsman in CA,” “Weekend Woodsman in Newfoundland” etc.) so as to avoid confusion. I do not wish for people who are looking for my blog to think his is mine by mistake. Unfortunately, I’m having a tough time getting in touch with him, as I can’t log in to leave comments at his blog, send him an email etc. If anyone knows the owner of this blog/website or if you are able to contact him, please ask him to contact me.


16 comments on “Will the real Weekend Woodsman please stand up?

  1. OakAshandThorn says:

    I’m in a similar, though perhaps less tense, situation…my blog, New England Bushcraft, has a “twin” youtube channel. I do know that it wasn’t his original name when he created the channel because the url is different. I do not know how recently he changed the name, but I presume it was when fairly recent. Unfortunately, the unnecessary intrusion of Google+ has created the option for users to change their channel name to whatever they want, and to some degree it has become a free-for-all. I have not contacted the person, but as far as I am concerned, he has every right to use the name for this channel because he doesn’t have a blog titled New England Bushcraft…he lives in Massachusetts, I’m in Connecticut, and we both have that posted on our sites.

    When I created my blog a year ago, I made damn sure no one else had that title. My research did lead me to a “New England Bushcraft & Wilderness Supply” on facebook, but the page was pretty much abandoned. There was also supposedly an ebay store, but that too was gone, so I can only assume that it no longer exists. I couldn’t contact them, so I left it at that.

    I’m not 100% sure how it all works, but from what I can tell, whoever buys the domain name has title rights, even if there is another already created on a platform such as WordPress, Blogger, and so on. And because he already bought the domain, he may not bother changing it.
    I really hope I’m wrong… 😦

    In any case, regardless of what happens, we all know you, and most everyone has links to your blog from our own ;).

    • Thanks for your input! The guy with the YouTube channel probably could have searched for the name ahead of time, as you did, but like you said, at least he doesn’t have a blog with the same name as yours. New England is a pretty big place, so I guess you have to expect that more than one person would call their venue “New England Bushcraft.” I guess that applies even more in my case, since almost all of us, no matter where we are, are “weekend woodsmen.” 😉

      When it comes down to it, I guess it’s not a huge deal if someone else calls himself WW. As you said, most people in the bushcraft blog space know who I am. 🙂

      Just added your blog to my blog roll. Nice Blog, BTW! 🙂

      • OakAshandThorn says:

        Yeah, and it caused me a bit of trouble on a US forum because one person in particular got ruffled when he found out that I live in Connecticut, not further north in Massachusetts (like he) or Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine. Don’t see the big deal about it, we’re all in the same region. But folks are quite touchy over there. But it doesn’t much bother me, I’ve always found Vermonters, Mainers, and New Hampshirites to be much friendlier people :).

        Well, it can become a big deal if the guy starts a business with that title, then he could turn the tables and make you change the title. But I really don’t know how that works. The phrase isn’t trademarked, at least ;).

        Why thanks :D.

  2. Wade says:

    Well I hope you get it sorted out. I can see how this would be frustrating. Good luck.

  3. Ron van Wiggen says:

    Maybe change the title to USFin Homesteading and Woodsroaming?
    Giving the direction you are heading in… 😉

    • Hehehe, it’s possible that a name change will be in order at some point. I have to see the way things go. I purposefully chose to put “woodsman” in the title (as opposed to calling it “xyz Bushcraft) because it’s pretty general and covers a lot of the different things I like to do. We’ll see, though. Maybe I’ll have a contest to come up with a new name if I decide to change it. 🙂

  4. Soarne says:

    That domain expires on May 18

  5. David Anstey says:

    Hi man, came across your post, I own that domain. There was no intent to cause confusion, I use it to keep a few pics and recipes up, more so for my personal journal than anything else. Please pop me an email davidanstey@rocketmail.com and we can sort it out. I registered the address a year ago came across your site, which I admire very much, after that time. You are right, the country is very similar to here so I can see the confusion, I’ve been mulling moving this site over to another domain more fitting with my objective, so lets chat.

    • Hi David. Thanks for the reply! I will be in touch!

    • David Anstey says:

      Wanted to followup on this post. As I had indicated above it was never my intention to steal your thunder. Since my post here in April it got me thinking about where I wanted my site to go. I had hosted weekendwoodsman,com on home server. I’ve since moved the site over to ansteyville.com and am using it to post an occassional upload of pictures and recipes. Ansteyville is a running gag in our family for my woodland playground hence the name. Keep on posting man, love your stuff. Drop me an email some day if you were interested in the domain.

      • Hi David! Thanks for your message. I haven’t forgotten about your first one either, I have just been busy with other things which needed to be dealt with first. I will be in touch shortly!

        Glad you like the blog! 🙂

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