Some shelters and traps of the Saami people of Lapland

When I was in Lapland in September, I had occasion to visit the Siida Saami Museum in Inari, Finland. This museum has lots of great information and exhibits on Saami culture, technology and history. This post focuses on the outside, open-air portion of the museum, which features a variety of shelters, traps and other structures of the indigenous people of Lapland. I was really impressed by the ingenuity and creativity of the people who made them. I only had a few rainy minutes to run through this part of the museum and take as many pictures as I could before it closed!

Lavvu tent frame

Lavvu with cover and fire ring in center


“Fabric goahti” frame inside museum

Fabric goahti with cover

Wooden lavvu

Inside wooden lavvu

Cauldron inside wooden lavvu

“Peat goahti”

Back of peat goahti

Not sure if this is another type of peat goahti or if it has a different name



Lapland-style cabin

Sawing rig (for ripping boards?)

Raised platform for hay (and animal pen below?)


Elevated storage shed

Gold-mining sluice

Small-mammal trap

Fox trap

Reindeer pit trap

Another trap (wolverine?)

Bear trap

Hope you enjoyed this look at some Saami handiwork!