Quick winter-weather gear tip: Lip balm

Here in the north country, winter is the driest time of the year. As the temperature drops, so too does the amount of moisture in the air. Cold, dry and windy air tends to draw moisture from the body, which is why it’s especially important to drink lots of water in these kinds of conditions, but there are also other things you can do to counteract this effect. One of them is to use lip balm…on your skin!

Obviously, lip balm was intended to be used on chapped lips, but I’ve found that it also works very well to moisturize dry, rough skin, especially in certain spots on my hands. I simply apply it to small affected areas and rub it in a little. The moisturizing effect lasts for a long time, and it helps to prevent skin from becoming so dry that it cracks, especially on my knuckles and between my fingers. Why not just use moisturizing cream, you ask? Well, lip balm is already part of my kit, and it serves the purpose just fine!

But that’s not all! Besides being good for keeping your skin in good shape, lip balm also has other uses in the field. How about making dry, cracked leather items supple again? They are made of skin, after all. Wax- and petroleum-based lip balms are flammable, making them a potential fire-lighting aid in tough conditions. These ingredients could also make them good for things like small waterproofing tasks, metal joint lubrication etc.

Anybody have any other uses for lip balm? 🙂


6 comments on “Quick winter-weather gear tip: Lip balm

  1. Rocky says:

    I work as a hunting guide and sometimes tell my hunters if they get chapped lips they can rub fresh elk poop on their lips. Doesn’t moisturize them, but sure helps to keep them from licking their lips!
    I always carry lip balm in my shirt pocket an in my day pack just for the uses you metion.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Conrad says:

    The lip balm I carry on me has an analgesic (pain killer) in it, so it’s nice on small wounds if you don’t have another type of ointment.

  3. Ryan Moore says:

    It can lubricate stubborn zippers as well.

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