Traditional Finnish flint-and-steel fire making

Recently, my friend Ilkka Seikku showed me a video he made about traditional Finnish flint-and-steel fire making. I don’t think I’ve seen this exact technique anywhere else. Hope you enjoy it!

In other news, some of you noticed that the images on the blog were blocked for a short time. Apparently, what happened is that the monthly bandwidth limit of my Photobucket account was exceeded. I just ordered increased bandwidth, so it shouldn’t happen again! 🙂


8 comments on “Traditional Finnish flint-and-steel fire making

  1. Ron says:

    Fantastic technique!!
    I really need to get my hands on a strikersteel, since the rest is allready here!
    as for photobucket… that’s a nightmare when using it in very active forums or in blogs. I switched to picasa, because i had that programme on my laptop, but it works a lot better (now) that the bucket.

  2. OZme says:

    have you noticed the difference in striking sound? lots of flint fire you see on youtube makes hard hitting sound and who makes those sound on flit usually need to hit it so many times to get tinder lit. the skilled person makes the sound almost like lighting a cigarette lighter and takes only 1 or 2 strikes.

  3. Chas says:

    I sure like the birch bark roll to keep your finger tips from getting burned… Very clever…

  4. Nice video- I have always just taken two separate pieces of birch to protect my fingers, but the roll seems like a fun way to do it too.

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