A short video by Ilkka Seikku

My favorite knifemaker extraordinaire, Ilkka Seikku, who’s based in Sammaljoki, Finland, has recently put out a short video on his signature knife, the BushProwler. He briefly covers the knife’s specifications and materials and then demonstrates the versatility of this bushcraft/outdoorsman’s blade. Ilkka is backlogged for about a year and will start taking orders for knives again in June should you be interested in getting one.

I bought my BushProwler almost a year and a half ago, and it has definitely been my go-to blade since then. It’s tough as nails and looks good, too. Here are a few pics of mine (slightly different from the standard version) in action:

Making a snowshoeing pole.

Shaving off green (fresh) birch bark.

Processing stinging nettles for cordage-making.

Making shavings for kindling.

Cuttin’ up bacon for woodsman stew.

This is only a fraction of the things I’ve used it for. It’s a real all-rounder!


10 comments on “A short video by Ilkka Seikku

  1. OutdoorEnvy says:

    That knife sure looks like a good one. Cool video too.

  2. Leonid says:

    If you don’t mind, what are the dimensions of your Prowler?

  3. mihai says:

    aexcelent!!! I like to make some day onebut i am old !!! i like to buy but i belive it expensive ! i like it ! Very , ery nice!!!

  4. treecare says:

    Hi Thanks, Great Blog, I’ll keep a close eye on Ilkka’s bush prowler. It looks like a real working knife, just what I have been searching for.

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