Latest consignment shop finds

I haven’t had any time lately for outdoor trips due to work, preparations for moving and being a bit sick, but I did get a chance to peruse a nearby consignment shop in the hopes of finding some good deals. I was not disappointed. 🙂

Here’s most of the haul:

  • Two stainless-steel camp utensil sets: €0.20/$0.26 each
  • Eight aluminum tent pegs: €1.50/$1.95
  • Wood-handled fire steel: €1.00/$1.30
  • 70s-era Marttiini “Lapp Knife 230”: €18.00/$23.50

The utensil sets will probably go to the Woodsbabe and Woodsboy, and the tent pegs will replace the thin and weak ones I’ve been using. The fire steel will accompany my BushProwler knife in place of the plastic-handled one I have on it now. The pièce de résistance, i.e. the leuku-style puukko knife made by Marttiini in the 70s, will soon be subjected to an extreme makeover by your’s truly. The plan is to restore it to match the leuku I fixed up last May. It should serve nicely as a small companion knife to the leuku, and the fact that they’re both from the same manufacturer and time period is a nice bonus. I noticed that the pommel cap is missing from the puukko, so I’ll have to pick one up the next time I’m at an outdoor/knife show.

The last thing I picked up, which isn’t exactly an outdoor item, is a vegetarian cookbook. Now, I’m not a vegetarian by any stretch, but I am keen on expanding my culinary repertoire, so for only €2.00/$2.60, I couldn’t pass it up (if the dishes really need it, I’ll just add meat ;)).

Total price for this mini-haul: €22.90/$29.80. 🙂

Stay tuned for a late-winter ice-fishing trip with the extended Woodsfamily!


13 comments on “Latest consignment shop finds

  1. Cool finds Weekend. I’d love to be able to look through consignment shops in Finland!

    • I’ve also found a Lapland leuku knife, Swiss army knife, German army knife, vintage Gränsfors axe, vintage Finnish axe, Swedish military surplus packs and more. I consider myself lucky. 😀

  2. finnman says:

    Not Bad find at All! I pickes up new suunto compass for 3€ last time from same place 🙂

  3. marcmaloy says:

    Great finds indeed. I love old “new” camping stuff.

  4. Any time I read a vegetarian recipe, I think- this looks good, i’ll just add some meat.

  5. […] my latest project, a vintage puukko knife restoration. I picked up the 70s-era knife recently at a consignment shop for €18/$23.50, thinking it would be a perfect small companion to the leuku knife I restored […]

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