A big burl and big news!

Last weekend I was walking around a residential area and saw a burl growing on a birch tree.

As you can see, this burl wraps a good deal of the way around the trunk.

Just so you can get an idea of how big this sucker is:

I bet this monster burl could be made into something great!

And just for the heck of it, a shot I snapped at a lake a little while later.

Now for the big news. As long-time readers will know, the Woodsfamily moved from eastern Finland to the Helsinki metropolitan area last summer due to a great job opportunity presented to the Woodsbabe. Since we moved here, I have been able to explore new natural areas, including Nuuksio National Park and the southern Finnish coast, as well as spend time with friends who live in or near this area, like Scandic Woodsman and OZme. I have also enjoyed meeting and spending time with new friends. While these experiences have been great, I have really missed spending time in the peaceful setting of the country as I often did before. Plus, not having access to private land the way I did in eastern Finland severely restricted the type of activities I have been able to do and then show you here at the blog. As a result, the content of most of my “in the field” posts has reflected the change in circumstances.

Well, times they are a changin’! Now that the Woodsbabe has completed the training phase for her line of work, she is somewhat of a hot commodity in her field, and I am happy to report that she has just accepted a job back in eastern Finland! So in about a month, we will be moving to a smaller city not too far away from where we used to live and also not far from my favorite campsite and many, many acres/hectares of private land which I have access to through family. Although I will miss the more frequent visits with my friends here in the south, after we move I will be able to pick up where I left off last spring with a much greater breadth and depth of things I will be able to do and show you. I’ll be able to put the blog back on it’s original course!

But that’s not all! I am also working on arrangements for the Woodsfamily to have regular access to a relative’s small house/cabin in the country which is not lived in year round. If it all works out, we should be able to go there in our spare time and do things like country cooking on a wood-fired cooking range, canning/smoking/preserving food, making projects in the workshop, low-maintenance gardening (potatoes, carrots etc.) and lots more.

Things might continue to be a bit slow here at the blog for a short spell, but that’ll change once our new move is complete. Of course from time to time I’ll still visit my friends in the south for meetups and such after we move, and as always, they are welcome to visit us!

Thanks for reading!


20 comments on “A big burl and big news!

  1. Finnman says:


  2. Peggy Holleran says:

    HI!~ ENJOYED your blog today! What is a burl? Interesting out-growth of the birch. That’s quite a big one.

    Have a great week-end! HUGS and Squishes! HAPPY EASTER~ENJOY~ Love you lots~ HUGS~ Marm:):)

    οΏ½ Peggy Let your light shine

  3. Ron says:

    Damn… will you ever sit still?? How the hell am I to get over there now?? πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, that is fantastic news for you all! Home is where the heart is, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see you walking the right path again and even venture a bit into the field of selfreliance or homesteading….. Now why does that sound familair???

  4. I always enjoy the blog and I’m happy for your good fortune, both in the advancing job opportunities and the relocation.

  5. Nice burl, but more importantly, congratulations!

  6. Maarten-Jan says:

    Good news! congratulations

    I’m so jealous about your new adventure. I feel like selling all my goods and ship my ass to Finland. 😦

  7. Congratulations to your wife for the new job! and to you for soon getting back to familiar woods!

  8. Duncan says:

    It’s great to hear that you guys are moving to a place more outdoor-friendly! Sounds like the cabin could turn out to be a great situation and experience as well. Congratulations! I’m always looking forward to new posts here on your site. Keep up the good work!

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