Hand-made crooked knife

Hope you all had a nice Doomsday. 🙂 Since the world didn’t end yesterday, I was able to make it to the local post office today to pick up a package which I had been eagerly awaiting. Upon opening the small box, I found this inside:

Removing the leather blade wrap exposed the super-sharp edge:

The attractive handle is made of rowan/European mountain ash.

This is a spoon-carving knife, or crooked knife, for carving curved objects like spoons, cups, bowls etc. It was sent to me by OZme of Bush n’ Blade, who made the entire piece from start to finish. Here’s the video he produced showing how he made it. I highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel, as he always has new interesting videos about a lot of different topics:

Thank you VERY much OZme! This is a fantastic gift. I can’t wait to use it!

Happy Holidays everyone!


7 comments on “Hand-made crooked knife

  1. A nice gift indeed!
    I can not wait to see how you will put that to use.

  2. Finnman says:

    Nice tool that crooked knife, Ozme is true craftsman. Waitin to see how you take it´s potential out in shape of beautiful wooden objects!

    – Finnman

  3. […] The fantastic crooked knife made for me by OZme, written about here. […]

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