Interested in Finnish bushcraft?

When I moved to Finland, I was happy to find that bushcraft, woodcraft, knife making and other traditional skills have a long history here and are still alive and well today. Since sharing a few blogs and other websites with you almost a year ago, I have learned of several more and some significant changes to others. This post is intended to be an updated list of bushcraft/outdoor-related blogs and websites in Finland (most of which are in English). If you know of any others, please let me know! By the way, please also give the “in Finnish” blogs a chance, even if you don’t speak Finnish. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. 🙂


Blacksmiths/Knife makers


  • Bushcraft Finland: This is the main (and only, as far as I know) forum for bushcraft in Finland. It was recently moved to a new server/provider and is now advertisement-free. It also has a great new appearance and layout. Both English and Finnish speakers are welcome.


Last, and definitely not least, I want to point you in the direction of some videos from yesteryear showing a variety of Finnish crafts and old-timey ways (click one of the “Isien Työt”s on the left-hand side and then scroll down and click “Katso nyt” to watch a video).



12 comments on “Interested in Finnish bushcraft?

  1. Duncan says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely do some research on Finnish Bushcraft. Awesome pic as well.

  2. Ron says:

    I wish I could find the Swedishversion, too.

  3. wgiles says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, as well as some of the other ones that you have listed. The area that I live in (Central Illinois, USA) is so much different from Finland.

    • Thanks for reading! Hope you are able to get good info from the sources I listed (I know you will). 🙂

      • wgiles says:

        There is no question about getting good and useful information from your blog and the others. I already have. I think that we may see some differences in philosophy between Finnish and US writers, but there is room for that and it provokes thought. Differences in our climates may dictate different approaches. Every shelter in my area must take the wind into account. We don’t get rain or snow, we get storms with much wind. I can’t remember when I’ve seen a gentle snowfall.

        • Thanks again! I definitely didn’t mean to say that you’d get good info (especially Finnish info) from my blog, since I don’t consider myself to be that experienced or knowledgeable! But I appreciate the comment. 🙂

          Being from the US, but having a large Finnish influence due to living here, my “bushcraft style” is probably some kind of mixture (leaning heavily toward US, or at least “northern style” just because of the climate).

          Speaking of climate, I definitely agree that different climates dictate different approaches, and of course we’re going to do what works in our respective environments. Very interesting that you get windy storms, but little rain or snow otherwise. Makes me think about how I’d have to relearn and rethink a lot of stuff if I were in a different place. I think I’d have to relearn the most in a tropical-type environment, maybe the desert.

          Thanks for the comments and for reading. 🙂

  4. OZme says:

    Thanks for the list update! I discover the new blogs I did not know and is very interesting/useful!

  5. Braikka says:

    Are there any bushcraft clubs here in Finland? I mean one that run courses for a novice? Language isn’t a problem as I am reasonably fluent.

    • Hmmm…courses… Well, I think there’s an online course at Bushcraft Finland. As for an actual, real-life course, I’d probably ask somebody like Perkunas from Old Path blog. He’d probably know.

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