Juhannus (Midsummer) 2012

Riddle me this: If you lose a camera, what’s the best way to find it? Buy a new one, of course! As I mentioned a few months ago, we lost our camera during the summer while moving to southern Finland. There was no sign of it for several months, and we figured we were unlikely to find it, so we bought a new one. Naturally, several weeks after that, my mother-in-law told us she found our old camera… Well, at least now I have a dedicated blog camera. 😀 To be honest, I like the older one better anyway!

Now that I have the old camera back, I can show you some pictures I took during this year’s Midsummer (called Juhannus in Finnish) celebration which I thought were lost to the ages. Rather than covering the history of the celebration or a full account of the day’s activities (which are now mostly lost in the mists of time), I’ll pick out the best pictures from the day and tell you about them.

First, a few shots of the area around my mother-in-law’s cabin. It’s almost hard for me to look at this pictures now that we are in the depths of autumn, teetering on winter!

Being ever on the lookout for wild edibles, I searched around the yard.

Broadleaf plantain:


A Midsummer tradition at the cabin is to cook a roast in an earth oven. I think it was lamb, but my memory is fuzzy. In previous years, this had always been done in a simple pit dug in the ground. This year, my wife’s ingenious step-father and step-brother dug a new pit and then lined the bottom and walls with bricks. I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the pit before they started the fire inside it.

While the pit was busy heating up and filling up with coals, the meat was seared in a muurikka (a Finnish wok) over a fire.

It was then wrapped in aluminum foil, baking paper, more aluminum foil and finally wire mesh.

Back at the pit, the coals were nice and hot.

Half of the coals were then removed from the oven, some sand was put in and the meat was laid on. This was followed by more sand, the other half of the coals and then lots more sand.

(The rest of the pit was filled with sand.)

Altogether, the meat roasted for about 5 hours and was deeelicious!

Meanwhile, more cooking was going on at the muurikka. Here you can see the cheese-filled and bacon-wrapped mushrooms being cooked. Mmmmmm!

And the final spread on the food table: two kinds of meat, stuffed and wrapped mushrooms, garlic potato casserole, boiled potatoes, dark break, salad, salmon and more.

Can’t wait for Midsummer 2013!


6 comments on “Juhannus (Midsummer) 2012

  1. Ron says:

    That sure does look yummy, but what an elaborate way of roasting your meat! I’d be wayyy to hungry and impatient to wait for that….

    • Yep, it’s elaborate, but the meat comes out soooo good. 🙂

      As for waiting to eat…don’t have to worry about that. After the meat is put into the ground, we eat lunch. By dinner time, the roasted meat is ready. 😀

  2. OutdoorEnvy says:

    I am so hungry now. That food looked great. That’s a nice spot for a cabin. Plenty of good times right out the back door. That’s cool you found your camera too.

  3. Finnman says:

    Familiar views, maybe someday again there..

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