The southernmost point of continental Finland

News: It seems our camera is MIA, as no-one anywhere seems to know where it is. This means that I won’t be able to show you any pictures from the Juhannus holiday unless we find the camera at some point. On the bright side, now I get to buy a new, better camera! 🙂


Last Saturday, the Woodsfamily met up with Scandic Woodsman’s family for a daytrip in Hanko, the seaside town located on a peninsula which happens to be the southernmost point of continental Finland (a few islands are further south). The body of water you see in the pictures is the Gulf of Finland, the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea. It lies in the transition zone between the broadleaf and boreal forests.

Here are a few shots of the beautiful scenery of the area taken with the Woodswife’s phone. Hope you enjoy them!

Sorry if some of the pictures don’t load properly. Thanks Photobucket!

This coming Saturday I plan on taking a daytrip to a national park I haven’t been to in quite a while. Stay tuned!


5 comments on “The southernmost point of continental Finland

  1. Simply gorgeous area. I’ve always found it amazing that even in photographs the pristine nature of a place can come through visually. A feeling of unused, fresh, clean comes through. Compared to photos of other places that are in fact still clean, considered a place of natural beauty, I can still sense through the image the relative ‘used’ nature of a place. Probably sounds crazy but I certainly feel that way.

    • It is beautiful, isn’t it? I think the ruggedness of the area gives it its unused appearance. Unfortunately, the Baltic Sea (and especially the Gulf of Finland) have been dealing with pollution problems, 😦 but they are making progress in cleaning it up. Still, it’s a beautiful place to behold, and yet another unique “corner” of Finland which has pleasantly surprised me!

  2. OutdoorEnvy says:

    Great pics. It’s very cool seeing pictures of lands across the world from where I am. Makes you realize the world will never be out of beautiful places to explore.

  3. […] around pretty wildly between different locations (Nuuksio National Park, Pukala Recreation Area, Hanko, Scandic Woodsman’s property, Florida, New Jersey, Estonia etc.). This phase is winding down […]

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