A quick update

The Woodsfamily has moved! Well, I guess we are still in the process of moving, because our new place is full of boxes and such, but we are a big step closer now.

Last weekend, we went to the cabin to celebrate Juhannus, a major holiday in Finland which takes place at the time when the sun doesn’t go below the horizon for several days and when summer officially begins. There was boating, fishing, grilling, earth-oven cooking, sauna-going, mosquitoes, a little primitive skill practice, mosquitoes, beer, great food and mosquitoes. There were also black flies…and mosquitoes….

This week I’ll give you a full report with plenty of pictures and a few surprises as well. Stay tuned!


4 comments on “A quick update

  1. Finnman says:

    Congratulations and wellcome to South!
    I would like to hear more about your Juhannus especially those mosquitos and horseflies 😀 😀

    – Finnman

  2. Thanks. 🙂

    Luckily, there weren’t any horse flies, but there were soooo many “mäkäräiset”. Some of the bites really itched and swelled up a lot!

  3. OZme says:

    good to hear that moving is going.

    mäkäräiset… that tiny bug really hurts when get bitten.

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