A selection of north-woods YouTube channels

Since moving to Finland several years ago, I have been most interested in the north-woods environment. The plants, the trees, the animals, the wild foods, the resources, the climate etc. Since I am an aspiring woodsman and have a Monday-through-Friday, nine-to-five desk job, I can’t be out in the field every day, unfortunately. Thankfully, there are resources like YouTube which help me to get my outdoor fix and satisfy my craving for knowledge. The following YouTube channels focus on the northern woods and are based in several different areas. If you haven’t visited them before and are interested in the boreal forest/taiga/northern woods, check them out!

From west to east:

United States:




I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do. By the way, if YOU have such a YouTube channel (or know of others) and I have not listed it here, let me know, and I’ll take a look!


10 comments on “A selection of north-woods YouTube channels

  1. Finnman says:

    Uups, my channel is there also and haven´t updated it for few years. Have to start working with it again now then 🙂

    – Finnman

  2. Thanks for the plug brother, and the complements. Admittedly I don’t do enough video but I hope to rectify that this summer.

  3. OZme says:

    Hi, thanks for this good list! There are quite many I ded no know and will help me as well.

  4. JMBushcraft and BushcraftBartons are a couple of my favorites. You might want to check out this this site too, it features many other popular Bushcraft/Survival YouTube channels: http://survivaltelevision.com

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