Disclaimers and such…

My buddy Ross over at Wood Trekker recently brought up the topic of Internet disclaimers in a recent post (disclaimer: linking to the Wood Trekker website in no way implies my “choosing of sides” in any battle, real or imagined, between any two parties whatsoever in perpetuity).

Although I think that disclaimers on Internet blogs like mine should be thoroughly unnecessary, we live in a world where common sense isn’t common (no longer exists?), and a lot of people do a lot of strange and ridiculous things, like blaming other people for things in an attempt to defer responsibility (disclaimer: For precise definitions of “strange”, “ridiculous”, “responsibility”, “this”, “a”, “in”, “of” and “the”, please refer to Black’s Law Dictionary. I shall not be held liable for any misconstrued interpretations of “a”, “in”, “the” etc.).

I truly feel bad for anyone who does anything carelessly (especially when it comes to things involving a higher potential for danger, like fire lighting, wild edibles etc.) and then turns around and takes the “natural course of action” of pointing fingers and suing. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? I guess that concept is dead. (disclaimer: By using the word “dead” in the previous sentence, I do not intend to suggest that you or anyone you know change the condition of any living thing to that of “dead”).

Several months ago, I wrote a set of disclaimers for this blog, thinking all the while that it was silly and unnecessary, but I must make it known that I will not be held liable for the irresponsible, foolish or careless actions of others. (disclaimer: By “months”, I refer to the conventional grouping of days into blocks of approximately 30. Any other meanings or interpretations are not intended and should not be construed as such).

“The Weekend Woodsman blog” disclaimers can be read here: https://weekendwoodsman.wordpress.com/about/  (disclaimer: My “disclaimers” may or may not be disclaimers, and may or may not be intended as such).

Closing disclaimer: I shall not be held liable if you or third persons are injured or in any other way harmed due to excessive laughter, mind numbing, nausea or boredom which could result from this blog post. 😉


8 comments on “Disclaimers and such…

  1. I also put disclaimer to my site when I read Ross’s text. I copied main text from you. Sory I didn’t tell you that but I wouldn’t have wrote it better :).

    Internet and TV has made many people not to think by their own brains which is sick. I also think that those ridiculous law suits “Mcdonald cup” are also big reason why disclaimers are every where.

  2. Ron says:

    Hey wait a minute, Mr.!
    You now owe me one new computer flatscreen, one new keyboard and one large cup of coffee, for spilling a large part of my coffee all over my keyboard and spraying the remainder over the screen. Add a small flask of nasal spray to that, to eleminate the horrible feeling of the coffee coming out of it!

    Seriously though…. is it fridayafternoon already??

    Yep, weekend… and about time, right Mr. WW?

    Too bad that disclaimers are often quit necessary, given the huge amount of intellectually seriously challenged “humans” a.k.a. numbnuts, morons and idiots.
    Fortunately there is Darwin’s law, but unfortunately previously mentioned groups reproduce faster that said law can eleminated them.

    • Disclaimer: Any comments made by Ron are for entertainment purposes only. The Weekend Woodsman shall not be held liable should anyone suffer whiplash from reading Ron’s comments and laughing excessively. 😉

  3. Ross Gilmore says:

    LOL. That was hilarious. 🙂

    Best “Disclaimer” post ever!

  4. OZme says:

    OK, so the disclaimers can be fun???

    But seriously, first thought came to my mind about this topic is that “What kind of bushcrafter / woodsman he / she would be? If not understanding the commonsense! “

    The nature is filled with or made with commonsense. We all are just trying to understand / recognize it. If you can’t understand the commonsense of human society, practice and communication which all of us are living in,,, then how can you understand the one from wildness?

    Disclaimer: this comment was my personal thought, posted as intention of joining the discussion only. Read it with commonsense. If you do not have or do not understand commonsense, then do not read it or if you have read, then ignore and forget that you have read. 🙂

    • Disclaimer and warning: OZme may be exhibiting dangerous levels of responsibility, level-headedness and common sense. 🙂 I shall not be held liable should someone NOT hurt themselves due to following OZme’s advice. 🙂

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