More Scandi blogs for you

Early on in my “blogging career” (i.e. a few months ago), I mentioned a few blogs based in Finland which are definitely worth reading.

Since that time, I’ve found a few blogs I didn’t know about before and some new ones have also sprung up, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up. I’m also going to include some blogs I regularly visit which are based elsewhere in the Fenno-Scandia area (a fancy way of saying Scandinavia plus Finland ;)).

In alphabetical order:

Akiri’s Blog – Finnish bushcrafter, “knife punisher” 😉

Kermiitin Tarinat Blog – Finnish outdoor guy, hiker etc., great photography

Laplander’s Natural Lore Blog – Englishman living in northern Sweden, very knowledgeable bushcrafter, handyman etc.

Saami Blog – Fantastic pictures, videos and info about the Saami people

Tekeleitä Blog – Finnish knife maker, does it as a hobby, but makes professional-quality knives

Tor Helge’s Homepage – Norwegian outdoorsman/bushcrafter in northern Norway (website, not a blog)

The Trying Woodsman Blog – Dutchman living in Sweden, covers bushcraft, DIY projects, hiking, gear and more

I’m sure you’ll be glad you checked out these sites. If you know of any others (in English) in this area, please let me know!


6 comments on “More Scandi blogs for you

  1. Izzy G. says:

    It’s weird how I am finding there are so many Northern European countries with big bush crafting communities. Korea, too. Good to see that traditional outdoorsmanship is still alive and well in other parts of the World.

    • Scandinavia and Finland are still sparsely populated in comparison to Germany, France, the UK etc. because of the harsh climate, poor soil etc. The area is about 70% the size of Alaska and largely forested/mountainous. The people here have hung on to traditional skills much longer than in other places. It’s a great place to be!

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, Matt!
    I did notice that Finland has quite an extensive bloggingcommunity and that of all the blogs in northern countries a very large part is done by non-natives.

    • No prob, Ron. Keep up the good work!

      It’s true, there are lots of blogs run by outsiders in Scandi, but I have also come across plenty written in the national languages as well. I think they are just not as well known because there’s a limited number of people who can read them. Luckily, there are plenty in English. 😀

      • Finnman says:

        That´s the reason why I write in english cause most of the finnish can understand that and many foreigners can understand it also. I noticed that most of my blog “hits” are coming from Finland but right after that is USA and then other countries

        – Finnman

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