Thank you for reading!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading The Weekend Woodsman blog. I have enjoyed sharing my outings, projects and thoughts with you over the past four months. My reason for blogging is not to get tons of subscribers or blog views, but it does make me happy to see that a handful of people are visiting and, hopefully, getting something out of it.

Here are a few stats worth sharing:

  • The total site views recently passed 11,250.
  • The subscriber count is at 21.
  • The daily visit rate is about 140.
  • Visitors live in more than 50 countries.

I am surprised and delighted to see this much interest in the blog. Thank YOU for visiting! It makes me feel that what I am doing is worthwhile and keeps me motivated to continue. 🙂

I would love to see more of you comment on my posts to let me know what you think, make suggestions etc.!


6 comments on “Thank you for reading!

  1. OZme says:

    Congratulations for this achievement. Not keeping blog for the number but surely gives you the motivations.
    And I must say, you always have interesting topics to read!

  2. EQUIPnTRIP says:

    We agree with OZme, always interesting topics covered in your posts.

    We subscribe to your blog via your RSS feed.

    Allan McDonald

  3. Finnman says:

    There´s good content to read and quite active commentaries also. Keep active!

    I´m interested to know how many of those total visitors of 11 000 are from Finland?

    – Finnman

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Up until recently, WordPress did not provide any information about the countries where the blog was being viewed, including how many views from each country. A little while ago they changed this, so I only have information for the last 2,100 views. Based on this information, I can see that about 50% of the views are from America. Finland makes up 13% and is the second-highest viewing country. The next few countries are Canada, the UK, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium etc.

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