“Woodsmanship” by Bernard Mason

If you’re interested in books about traditional, pre-power tool woodsmanship like I am, you should check out the book “Woodsmanship”, by Bernard Mason. It’s available for free in PDF format HERE, HERE and here: http://www.canteenshop.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/woodsmanship.pdf

First published in 1945, “Woodsmanship” is a classic reference work with plain and simple text and good illustrations. In this book, Mason covers aspects of woodsmanship such as:

  • Axe types and nomenclature
  • Axe care, maintenance, rehandling etc.
  • Axe safety
  • Proper chopping technique
  • Traditional and modern saws
  • Tree felling, limbing, bucking and splitting
  • The names and proper use of other woodsman’s tools
  • Logging lingo and more

The information in this book is just as valid today as when it was first published. It covers many aspects of woodsmanship which I have not seen in any other reference, including paperback books I have purchased. I consider this book to be at or near the top of the list when it comes to books on this subject.


9 comments on ““Woodsmanship” by Bernard Mason

  1. Axel says:

    Thank u one million times, this book will solve many of my “problems”!

  2. OZme says:

    Thanks for this book. I just took a quick look and so many new and useful info on it.

  3. Ron says:

    Too bad, the link is invalid.
    I think that book would have made a great addition to my ever growing outdoors related library!

  4. Ron says:


    Turns out I already have this pdf saved…. *shame*

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