A few small acquisitions

I love visiting the local consignment shops here in Finland. You never know what you’re going to find. Often, most of the stuff is uninteresting to me, but sometimes I get lucky. While at one of these shops today, I spotted an SAK in a cabinet. The cost was 7 Euros. I asked to see it and opened each of the tools to make sure it was serviceable. It looked like it was hardly used, so I bought it. It turned out to be a Wenger Classic 07, but was a bit different from the standard model, as it did not have the tweezers or toothpick. This might be because it was a promotional version from “Huyck Austria”. Don’t know how it made its way up here, but I’m happy it did. 🙂 I actually think I’m going to use this knife as part of my regular gear outfit, along side my camp knife and axe, as it’ll be good for fine work, opening cans and making holes (awl).

I then moved on to a small outdoor store I had never been to before. After fondling the knives feverishly and drooling a bit, I moseyed over to the fishing aisle. There I spotted something I have been looking for for several months. It’s a telescoping fishing pole with 14 sections and a total extended length of 4.5 meters/14 feet 9 inches. The collapsed length is 0.45 meters/1 foot 6 inches, so it’s easily stowable in a pack. It’s not designed for use with a reel, rather a length of fishing line is tied to a small metal loop at the end of the rod, kind of like a high-tech version of the old cane fishing pole. I don’t ever remember seeing rods like this in the US, but they are pretty common here (as far as I know, a fishing license is often not required when you’re using a setup like this, whereas if you’re using a rod and reel combo, you need multiple licenses). I like these kinds of setups because they’re very simple, durable and functional. So I picked it up for 24 Euros. I’m sure it’ll come with me on future trips where fishing might be involved. To go along with it, I bought a package of two lengths of line already fitted with floats, sinkers and hooks for 1.50 Euros.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the forest for some hiking and woods bumming. The few inches of snow we got last week are already gone because of this weirdo weather we’re having, so it’s not quite time to break out the snowshoes and gear toboggan yet. I’m planning on exploring some new parts of the forest property I go to, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, I “got lost” and decided to become a full-time woodsbum.


5 comments on “A few small acquisitions

  1. Perkunas says:

    Wengers beat Vic´s, anyday, on can opening. I dont understand at all, why Vic makes the can openers with the tiny screwdriver, and not a pure dedicated opener as its in your Wenger.

    Whats the brand of your teleskooppivapa , the fishing rod ?
    I use two similar ones, pretty good stuff to have always on your pack, as you can get a few bass and pike, from just about any pond here,free meal.

    • Yep, I have to agree about the can openers (Vic vs. Wenger). The one from Victorinox is pretty half-assed. 🙂

      The fishing rod is From Daiwa. I believe the model is AP-RV 45. I’m looking forward to fishing with it. I’ll definitely throw it in my pack when I know there will be fishing opportunities.

      BTW, what do you like to use as bait with these rods? Do you look for grubs, worms and insects that you can find nearby?

      • Finnman says:

        I can open cans equally with Vic or Wenger no problem. Novadays can opener is seldom needed cause cans have “pull lids”

        Nice find anyway that Wenger. I have similar fishing rod “gas station special” cost me around 4 or 5 eur. It have worked fine, but change those floaters to lighter ones if you want to get fish (big floater have big resistance and fish finds out that something is going on and spit bait out before get hooked. Yes and earth-worms are most traditional bait for “mato-onki”

        You are right about fishing licenses that you can use that onki on most of the places, but not in areas where you can get salmon / trout.

        – Finnman

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