A few Finnish must-read blogs

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who have been reading and commenting at my new blog. I’m averaging about 70 hits per day, so either a bunch of people think The Weekend Woodsman is worth a visit now and then or 3 or 4 of you have way too much time on your hands. 😉 Thanks for visiting!

Today’s post will cover a few of the blogs I read on a regular basis, specifically the ones run right here in Finland. Don’t worry, you don’t have to speak Finnish to understand them, as they’re mostly in English (with some Finnish and even Japanese thrown in). The gentlemen running these blogs are very talented and knowledgeable about a lot of different things, including bushcraft, camping, forging/knifemaking, hunting, fishing, cooking, backpacking, history, culture and a long list of other things. If you’re not already acquainted with them, I highly recommend checking them out!

(In alphabetical order)

Bush n’ Blade is run by “OZme”, a Japanese guy living in Finland. He is a fine craftsman and does most of his work with simple hand tools, like me. I think OZme has dabbled in more areas than most people I know, from wine making to canoe paddle making. He’s also into camping (including winter camping), wild edibles and exploring what the Finnish wilderness has to offer. He’s a very accomplished knife maker as well.

Hiking in Finland is run by Hendrik Morkel, a German guy living in Finland. He focuses on lightweight and ultralight backpacking, but also incorporates some Finnish-style bushcrafty things as well, which I think is great. He’s a certified wilderness guide in Finland and takes great photos as well.

Perkele’s Blog is probably familiar to you, but I have to mention it anyway. I think “Perkunas” can fix or make just about anything, including a tasty meal, and do a damn good job at it. He’s not afraid to share his opinions, which are often well-though-out and insightful. He has loads of experience in the Finnish wilderness, including hunting, fishing, camping, bushcrafting, hiking etc. and has probably personally seen every tree and rock in the country. He’s a wealth of information, a fine blacksmith and an all-around good guy. (He’s also a certified wilderness guide, by the way.)

Scandic Woodsman is a promising new blog by a guy who has a lot of interests. “Finnman” is currently heavily into hunting with bows and firearms, but also fishes, hikes, camps, travels, takes great pictures and knows his sharps. Finnman is big into self-reliance and mini-homesteading, which I’m interested in as well. Keep an eye on his blog. I think he has a lot more great stuff to come!

Here are two non-blog websites which are definitely worth checking out:

Bushcraft Finland is a Finnish-centric forum covering a variety of outdoor topics. It includes an international section in English, which is at least as active as the Finnish section.

Varusteleka is a supplier of military surplus and new gear and clothing. Certainly the biggest and best in Finland. I’ve bought backpacks, clothes, snowshoes, sleeping bags, ponchos and more from them and have only good things to say.

2 comments on “A few Finnish must-read blogs

  1. Ross Gilmore says:

    Thanks for the list. I had totaly missed one fo the blogs.

  2. […] on in my “blogging career” (i.e. a few months ago), I mentioned a few blogs based in Finland which are definitely worth […]

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