Well, I finally did it…

…I finally started a blog of my own. Over the past few years, I have contributed to a number of online forums and, as a guest writer, to another blog. It has come time for me to centralize my writings and images in one place and have that place be uniquely my own. By no means does this mean I’ll stop contributing at other online venues. It’s simply time for me to have my own space in the blogosphere.

So what will I blog about? My passion (some would say obsession) is the great outdoors. I will focus on things like bushcraft (primitive camping, wild edibles, axe and knife use, fire making, natural crafts etc.), a little fishing, wilderness backpacking (Lapland trip report coming soon), backwoods cooking and philosophy of gear and skills. I’m not gear-obsessed or a gear-head (I prefer using more traditional gear made of natural materials when feasible and try not to focus on gear itself) and am not an ultralight backpacker (though I do employ some of the common-sense logic they use in gear selection/modification/creation). I am just a guy who is developing his own skills, style and methods based on a combination of traditional and contemporary woodsmanship and my own experiences and interests.

In addition to new trip reports, gear mods, skill development etc., I will also be posting “blasts from the past”, which will be previous writings of mine from other venues covering past trips, experiences, projects, skills etc.

If you can’t stand the sight of sap, must have the latest gadget which incorporates a knife, GPS, backpack and helicopter in it or if you weigh your pack in micrograms, this blog might not be of interest to you. If, however, you are like me and have a less-than-exciting 9 to 5 job from Monday through Friday and feel like the woodsman in you comes out when you step off the trail (and have a healthy respect for the natural world and what it has to offer), welcome.

And yes, there will be knives. 😉



7 comments on “Well, I finally did it…

  1. Finnman says:

    Congratulations! I´ll stop by here often then

    – Finnman

  2. Perkunas says:

    I have a vague seed of memory…about suggesting atleast once, for you to run a blog of your own.

    Good luck with this, i know you are well skilled story teller and its very nice, to see all the new posts, in one address.



  3. OZme says:

    congrats for your blog!!

    >>And yes, there will be knives.
    What about AXES????:)

    Looking forward reading the posts!

  4. Looking forward to hearing about your thought and adventures

  5. Thanks for the kind words, guys. 🙂

    Yes, Perkunas, you (and my wife) were a main force in encouraging me to start the blog.

    OZme, you can expect to see shiny metal and wood axes as well, my friend. 😉


  6. HenLan says:

    I like your ideas about gear and gadgets. Can identify with what you write about not so exciting job and the feeling of getting more alive in the woods and outdoors.

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