About & Disclaimers


Monday – Friday: Desk jockey

Saturday – Sunday: Amateur woodsman, enjoying the wilderness of Finland and beyond

Note: YouTube user “Weekend Woodsman” is not me and has no connection whatsoever to “The Weekend Woodsman” blog.

Disclaimers/Legal information:

1) All content at “The Weekend Woodsman” blog (text, images etc.) is owned by The Weekend Woodsman and may not be copied and presented as the original material of anyone else. You may show linked images from this blog if you indicate that they are not your own.

2) Any and all blogs and other Internet sites linked to at “The Weekend Woodsman” are operated by their respective owners and not by me. I am neither responsible for, nor in control of, any content whatsoever presented at linked Internet sites. Likewise, the presence of a link to “The Weekend Woodsman” blog on other Internet sites does not necessarily indicate association with those sites or their owners, as they are free to link to whomever they wish. Comments posted by visitors to “The Weekend Woodsman” express their respective views and may or may not reflect my views.

3) Any information provided regarding the use of wild edibles, wild medicines, cutting tools, fire and any other potentially dangerous items or scenarios is provided for entertainment purposes only. I shall not be held liable should anyone injure, poison or otherwise cause harm to themselves or other persons or property based on information provided at “The Weekend Woodsman”. Any action to imitate anything depicted at “The Weekend Woodsman” is taken AT YOUR OWN RISK.

4) I am not an expert in/at any of the subjects, fields or topics shown at “The Weekend Woodsman”. All content is provided for entertainment purposes only.

Note: The photograph used in the header of this blog (flames and sparks) was captured and altered by OZme of Bush n’ Blade Blog and is used with his permission.

10 comments on “About & Disclaimers

  1. Sticks65 says:

    Nice to see you set up a blog!

  2. Great to see you here! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Sticks65 says:

    Your very welcome and Ill be coming back to check out your blog on a regular basis.

  4. [...] Weekend Woodsman… HomeAbout the Weekend Woodsman RSS ← “Two is one, one [...]

  5. Chris Major says:

    Hi Weekend Woodsman I Love your Blog and have nominated you for a sunshine award!

    I usually hate chain type messages but I think showing appreciation to the blogs I read is Nice, please follow this link and pass on the award to the blogs you appreciate:http://movingfastwhilstgettingnowhere.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/the-sunshine-award/

    Keep the great posts coming!

  6. Duncan says:

    Hey! I’d like to ask you a couple of questions about how you did your knife giveaway. If you don’t mind, please send me an email at duncan@smoothingit.com Thanks so much!

  7. pogeypackrat says:

    Your disclaimer section was so good we used it as the basis for ours! We recently came across your blog and love the pictures and great tips. Thanks, and keep it up!

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